What to expect!

Good Morning one and all!

This is my brand new blog thing. I’ve been considering it for a while and have taken the plunge!

So what are you going to see from me on here? Well there’ll be a lot of current affairs chat as I oppose everything that the CON-DEMS do i.e. making everyone much poorer and then wondering why there’s more litter on the streets etc etc.

Football. The state of the game in general. Who’s in form/out of form, transfer goss and the fortunes of by beloved Bolton Wanderers.

Books. I enjoy reading (well it is part of my job) so will be getting you all to support us keepers of knowledge and enlightenment. I’d prefer you all to buy physical books, as they look better on the shelves. But if you have to buy electronic versions I won’t tut too loudly.

Films. My hit list of films to see (including the one’s that’ll I’ll fail miserably to get to) and my thoughts on them.

Food & Drink. I do have a love of everything edible (within reason, snails bleurgh!). I also like the odd tipple from time to time.

That’s about it really, I’ll obviously post certain things that’ll fall into none of the categories above and welcome and topics for discussion from yourselves.


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